Dec. 1st, 2016

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anything you'd like to play? anyone you'd like to play with?

send me a poke, a prompt, a character, or a starter post, and we'll set this party in motion.
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either leave a message (or set of muses) for one of my assholes, or request a message from one of them. choose messages from the classic source, from your own skull, or whatever you may please.

muse list

Dec. 1st, 2016 03:37 am
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Joshua Graham
✗ Fallout: New Vegas
'i have been baptized twice, once in water, once in flame.'
Dean Domino
✗ Fallout: New Vegas
'whoever you are, you're old news.'

Julie Langford
✗ Bioshock
'what you waiting for? an engraved invitation?'
Silas Benjamin
✗ Kings
'i’d ask the outcome of a battle, and he’d answer in thunder and the answer would always be yes.'

Kirei Kotomine
✗ Fate/stay night
'it is the path you have chosen yourself. take pride in it.'
Kariya Matou
✗ Fate/Zero
'seems i lost a little bit to the worms inside me.'

Koichi Zenigata
✗ Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
'no matter how dirty your hands are, there are somethings you should never let go of.'
Billy Flynn
✗ Chicago
'it's all show business.'

Bill Fallon
✗ Boardwalk Empire
'my back is not to the wall. i am right in the front line.'
Mickey Doyle
✗ Boardwalk Empire
'don't let the door hit you in the brains.'

Munya Horvitz
✗ Boardwalk Empire
'he who dies pays all his debts.'
Waxey Gordon
✗ Boardwalk Empire
'and what else do you have to offer me, besides flattery?'

Aleron Grantaire
✗ Les Misérables
'beneath the gilding of the sky i catch a glimpse of a poor universe.'
✗ Hamlet
'it is not nor it cannot come to good.'

Damon Gant
✗ Ace Attorney
'you know, we should all go swimming together sometime!'
Seth Grayson
✗ House of Cards
'my job is to separate fact and fiction.'

Cy Tolliver
✗ Deadwood
'some boys just can’t go near a cliff without jumping off.'
Mr. Pink
✗ Reservoir Dogs
'i'm very sad about that, but some fellas are lucky, and some ain't.'

Other Muses
Mad Men: Don Draper ([personal profile] knockfourtimes), Ted Chaough ([personal profile] memosaregroovy), Jim Cutler ([personal profile] beforebeauty)
Deadwood: Wild Bill Hickok ([personal profile] tothethunder), E.B. Farnum ([personal profile] clammyhanded)
Boardwalk Empire: Arnold Rothstein ([personal profile] bankshot), Alfred Gordetsky ([personal profile] unpaidbill)
Boardwalk OC: Chet Garrison Brakesfield ([personal profile] wireandwood)
Spec Ops: The Line: The Radioman ([personal profile] keepitclean)
Apocalypse Now: Benjamin Willard ([personal profile] setyoufree), The Photojournalist ([personal profile] isfallingdown)
Rumblefish: Walker Cameron/father ([personal profile] cledonomancy)
As you Like It: Jaques ([personal profile] compactofjars)
A Doll House: Nils Krogstad ([personal profile] noshitstogive)
No Country for Old Men: Carson Wells ([personal profile] broughtyouflowers)
Hunger Games series: Haymitch Abernathy ([personal profile] drowningthedays)
Oliver Twist: Bill Sikes ([personal profile] readyoualecture)
Long Day's Journey Into Night: Jamie Tyrone ([personal profile] crookedhedges)
Sin City: John Hartigan ([personal profile] thelastday)
Jesus Christ Superstar: Pontius Pilate ([personal profile] myclutteredhallway)
Les Miserables AU: THE OFFICER/au!Grantaire ([personal profile] checkmystache)
Harry Potter series: John Dawlish ([personal profile] myflawless), Stafford Savage ([personal profile] fractureminded), Gawain Robards ([personal profile] forwhatisdone), Rufus Scrimgeour ([personal profile] sharplytheyrecall)

((muse table code created by [personal profile] manual.))