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tfln open post

either leave a message (or set of muses) for one of my assholes, or request a message from one of them. choose messages from the classic source, from your own skull, or whatever you may please.
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please try. I'll wait.
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[It takes more than a few moments to urge himself upright, and another several minutes to feel like the ground's steady enough to walk on. On his way out of the room, he grabs a bottle. He won't have much of it - he tells himself, he often tells himself - but it'll be good to have around. Just in case.

When he enters, he puts on a smile, shaky but grown out of a genuine impulse.]

Hey, Annie. Hope I didn't keep you waiting.
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names are good and grounding

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[By the time he arrives, Annie is in the kitchen. She always seems at home here, when even the weapons at her fingertips have a purpose. It's when knives have no use that they become a danger to her and others.]

No, never.

[She smiles, and gestures for him to sit down at the center island.] Cooking. Just glad you're here.

Would- would you like jam?