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Mickey Doyle ([personal profile] byanyname) wrote in [community profile] kingdomsofrain2016-12-01 03:31 am

tfln open post

either leave a message (or set of muses) for one of my assholes, or request a message from one of them. choose messages from the classic source, from your own skull, or whatever you may please.
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Your view of what goes on here in the Capitol is so skewed.
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pretty sure i wont be losing sleep over that one.
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[Yeah, just like she'd actually say in real life.]
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okay so ill bite. whats a rube like me need to know about the capital? whats the inside story? what am i drowwning in ignorance about? save me effie trinket. youre this rube's only hope.
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no, now I'm not going to say anything.