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tfln open post

either leave a message (or set of muses) for one of my assholes, or request a message from one of them. choose messages from the classic source, from your own skull, or whatever you may please.
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Puke-y regrets or just things-seem-far-away regrets?
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jurys still out on that. havent gotten up yet. my guess is both.
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Oh. You can talk to me.
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i already want to wrap her in a blanket gdi.

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better you rest, sweetheart. ive got the geese. half a bottle of something. ill be fine.
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sweetest person in panem tbh

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No, no. You need to talk, Haymitch.
You drown your thoughts too much.
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[His instinctual response is that the best place for them - for any of his thoughts, nightmares, memories - is at the bottom of the sea. He half-types the sentiment before catching himself, swallowing a sour guilt. The last thing he wants to do is wound her. Or hurt her more than he already does. He can't quit the drinking, can't forget the things he should, can't be much more whole than her, but he can be careful with the words he chooses. Sometimes.]

my thoughts are fine.

its not that i dont appreciate the offer, Annie. just i know how to handle it, and theres no sense getting both of us down.

hey. also. theres jam downstairs if youre hungry.
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[He hurts her, everyone hurts her. They don't mean to, she knows, but they do. It's their own ignorance. She knows how she appears.

That's what happens when you're mad.]


I'd like some. I can make tea? Helps with the hangovers. Wish it helped with regrets.
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might help with regretting the hangover.

tell you what. you make tea, try some of that jam, and ill do my damnedest to get down there. just might be a few minutes.
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please try. I'll wait.
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[It takes more than a few moments to urge himself upright, and another several minutes to feel like the ground's steady enough to walk on. On his way out of the room, he grabs a bottle. He won't have much of it - he tells himself, he often tells himself - but it'll be good to have around. Just in case.

When he enters, he puts on a smile, shaky but grown out of a genuine impulse.]

Hey, Annie. Hope I didn't keep you waiting.
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names are good and grounding

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[By the time he arrives, Annie is in the kitchen. She always seems at home here, when even the weapons at her fingertips have a purpose. It's when knives have no use that they become a danger to her and others.]

No, never.

[She smiles, and gestures for him to sit down at the center island.] Cooking. Just glad you're here.

Would- would you like jam?